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Database Last Updated June, 1999


This database is intended as a running history of prices paid for machines at various auctions. It is not a database of items for sale. I am not in the business of selling machines, referring buyers and sellers or promoting any auctions or vendors. This is an historical reference only. It does NOT indicate any absolute values for machines. If a Mr. Do! machine sells for $50 at an auction and you see someone trying to sell one for $500, you have no right to expect to get it for $50. Machine value is dictated by two factors and two factors only 1) What someone is willing to sell it for and 2) what someone is willing to pay for it. If a Pengo machine is pulling in $300 a month on someone's route, they sure as heck aren't going to pull it to sell to you just because you say "I'll give you $150...that's three times the last auction price from the area."

Also, please keep in mind that operators are in *business*. Running, buying and selling machines is how they afford to eat. Don't expect them to cut thier own throats just to make you happy. Also, just because you (or you and 40 million other people) think that a fair price is $xxx, doesn't mean that it's a fair price to the seller. Everyone has thier own personal attachments or hatreds of particular machines and it affects the selling price accordingly.

I am not responsible for the accuracy of the data or any consequences that you may experience as a result of using this data. If you encounter problems finding a particular machine, make sure that you're using the correct spellings (ie: Pac-Man vs Pacman). If in doubt, use portions of the name (eg: Pac instead of Pac-Man) to widen the search. Names are standardized based on the listings in the KLOV.

With that said, I hope that this proves to be a useful link for you.

My thanks to all the folks in RGVAC who have posted auction results over the years and special thanks to Brian Bibbs <bibbs@IC.Mankato.MN.US>, who started me on the creation of this thing when he posted a database containing all of the IA auction prices. Thanks Brian! I never would have done it without you.

This database has been up and running continuously since December 1996.

John Benfield -